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OUR COMPANY is an informational website about Bolivia, where you can learn and understand how to live, work and do real estate in our country, in an easy, detailed and effective way.


We aspire to be a Bolivian transparent and reliable source of information for people from elsewhere to make better decisions when comming to our country and making activities here.

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Here are the main reasons why you should choose

  1. BolivianExperts focuses on providing you with the highest quality information possible, we are from Bolivia and we live in this country. Our sources are always professional, official or scientific, and our team has experts in real estate, bussiness, jobs and life here, with many years of experience in these fields.
  2. We also attend tens of thousands of people in Bolivia every month though our main Spanish website in the real estate field. We deeply know how things work here in relacion to businesses, real estate, taxes, locations, living and traveling, because we are bolivians and some members of our team have lived in the United Estates for a long time.
  3. We currently have thousands of Bolivian visitors per month in our main Spanish website, and we hope to reach 100,000 in the next few months, therefore, many bolivian people trust us and the information and knowledge we provide. So, you can trust us as well.
  4. wants the best learning about Bolivia to reach your hands, regardless of whether or not you know something about this country, and with this information you can make the best decisions and avoid conflicts and dangers when you are here. You can trust that we will fulfill our mission and also provide it for free.

In this page you will find the resources that we have seen and believe will help you the most in your projects and activities in our country Bolivia, among guides to invest in real estate, find good jobs, start a bussiness, or avoid dangers and scams, also courses, calculators and simulators, in addition to good offers, this page will be very helpful for you.

Bolivia is a country with a lot of misconceptions, many things here work the same as in developed countries, but other things are drastically different. There’re a lot of dangers and risks here you don’t even imagine, but also, a lot of opportunities and hidden gems that can get you to the next level, only if you know and do the right things.

We’ll be happy to walk you through your journey in our country, so you can get the best returns of your resources and time, and reach your goals here, minimising as much as possible the involved risks.

You can advertise with us for some tens of dollars, you will appear on our informational pages, property, product and other dedicated pages, you will reach thousands of people that is interested in traveling, working, doing bussiness, doing real estate and living in Bolivia every month. For more information, contact us and we will reach an agreement.


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